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Monitoring Stash

Stash has native support for monitoring via Prometheus.

Monitoring Stash Operator

Stash operator exposes Prometheus native monitoring data via /metrics endpoint on :56790 port. You can setup a CoreOS Prometheus ServiceMonitor using stash-operator service.

Monitoring Backup Operation

Since backup operations are run as cron jobs, Stash can use Prometheus Pushgateway cache metrics for backup operation. The installation scripts for Stash operator deploys a Prometheus Pushgateway as a sidecar container. You can configure a Prometheus server to scrape this Pushgateway via stash-operator service on port :56789. Backup operations send the following metrics to this Pushgateway:

  • restic_session_success{job="<restic.namespace>-<>", app="<workload>"}: Indicates if session was successfully completed
  • restic_session_fail{job="<restic.namespace>-<>", app="<workload>"}: Indicates if session failed
  • restic_session_duration_seconds_total{job="<restic.namespace>-<>", app="<workload>"}: Total seconds taken to complete restic session
  • restic_session_duration_seconds{job="<restic.namespace>-<>", app="<workload>", filegroup="dir1", op="backup|forget"}: Total seconds taken to complete restic session

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