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Stash by AppsCode is a Kubernetes operator for restic. If you are running production workloads in Kubernetes, you might want to take backup of your disks. Traditional tools are too complex to setup and maintain in a dynamic compute environment like Kubernetes. restic is a backup program that is fast, efficient and secure with few moving parts. Stash is a CRD controller for Kubernetes built around restic to address these issues. Using Stash, you can backup Kubernetes volumes mounted in following types of workloads:

  • Deployment
  • DaemonSet
  • ReplicaSet
  • ReplicationController
  • StatefulSet


  • Fast, secure, efficient backup of any Kubernetes volumes.
  • Automates configuration of restic for periodic backup.
  • Store backed up files in various cloud storage provider, including S3, GCS, Azure, OpenStack Swift, DigitalOcean Spaces etc.
  • Restore backup easily.
  • Periodically check integrity of backed up data.
  • Take backup in offline mode.
  • Support workload initializer for faster backup.
  • Prometheus ready metrics for backup process.