You are looking at the documentation of a prior release. To read the documentation of the latest release, please visit here.

Uninstall Stash Enterprise Edition

To uninstall Stash Enterprise edition, run the following command:

Using Helm 3

In Helm 3, release names are scoped to a namespace. So, provide the namespace you used to install the operator when installing.

$ helm uninstall stash --namespace kube-system

Using YAML (with helm 3)

If you prefer to not use Helm, you can generate YAMLs from Stash chart and uninstall using kubectl.

$ helm template stash appscode/stash -n kube-system \
--set features.enterprise=true                      \
--set global.license="nothing"                      \
--set global.skipCleaner=true | kubectl delete -f -

Delete CRDs

The above uninstallation process will uninstall the Stash operator. However, it will keep the Stash registered CRDs so that you don’t lose your Stash objects i.e. BackupConfiguration, Repository, etc. during re-installation. If you want to remove the Stash CRDs too, please run the following command.

kubectl delete crd

If you wan’t to delete the AppBinding CRD, run the following command.

 kubectl delete crd