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stash restore-vs

Restore PVC from VolumeSnapshot

stash restore-vs [flags]


  -h, --help                     help for restore-vs
      --invoker-kind string      Kind of the restore invoker
      --invoker-name string      Name of the respective restore invoker
      --kubeconfig string        Path to kubeconfig file with authorization information (the master location is set by the master flag).
      --master string            The address of the Kubernetes API server (overrides any value in kubeconfig)
      --metrics-enabled          Specify whether to export Prometheus metrics (default true)
      --pushgateway-url string   Pushgateway URL where the metrics will be pushed
      --target-kind string       Kind of the Target
      --target-name string       Name of the Target

Options inherited from parent commands

      --bypass-validating-webhook-xray   if true, bypasses validating webhook xray checks
      --service-name string              Stash service name. (default "stash-operator")
      --use-kubeapiserver-fqdn-for-aks   if true, uses kube-apiserver FQDN for AKS cluster to workaround (default true)


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