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Stash Redis Addon

Stash v2023.04.30 supports extending its functionality through addons. Stash Redis addon enables Stash to backup and restore Redis databases.

This guide will give you an overview of which Redis versions are supported and how the docs are organized.

Supported Redis Versions

Stash has the following addon versions for Redis:

Here, the addon follows M.M.P versioning scheme where M.M.P (Major.Minor.Patch) represents the respective database version.

Addon Version Compatibility

Any addon with matching major version with the database version should be able to take backup of that database. For example, Redis addon with version 6.x.x should be able take backup of any Redis of 6.x.x series. However, this might not be true for some versions. In that case, we will have separate addon for that version.

Documentation Overview

Stash Redis documentations are organized as below: