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Guides show how to perform different operations with Stash. We have divided guides section into the following sub-sections:

  • Supported Backends: Describes how to configure different storage for storing backed up data.

  • Workload Volume Backup: Shows how to use Stash to backup and restore volumes of a workload (i.e. Deployment, StatefulSet, DaemonSet, etc).

  • Stand-alone Volume Backup: Shows how to use Stash to backup and restore stand-alone volumes(i.e. PersistentVolumeClaim).

  • Batch Backup: Shows how to backup multiple co-related components using a single configuration known as BackupBatch.

  • Auto Backup: Shows how to configure automatic backup of any stateful workload in your cluster.

  • Volume Snapshot: Shows how Stash takes snapshot of PersistentVolumeClaims and restore them from snapshot using Kubernetes VolumeSnapshot API.

  • Different Use Cases: Shows different uses cases of Stash like instant backup, pause backup, cross-namespace backup and restore etc.

  • Managed Backup Shows how backup and restore can be managed in some specific scenerios.

    • Dedicated Backup Namespace: Shows you how to manage backup and restore from a dedicated namespace for targets of different namespaces using Stash.
    • Dedicated Storage Namespace: Shows you how to take backup and restore by keeping the storage resources (Repository and backend Secret) in a dedicated namespace using Stash.
  • Platforms: Shows how to use Stash to backup and restore volumes of a Kubernetes workload running in different platforms.

  • Monitoring: Shows how Prometheus monitoring works with Stash, what metrics Stash exports, and how to enable monitoring.

  • Hooks: Shows how to execute different actions before/after the backup/restore process.

  • CLI: Shows how to manage Stash objects quickly and easily using Stash kubectl plugin.

  • Troubleshooting: Gives an overview of how you can gather the necessary information to identify the issue that causes the backup/restore failure.

  • Security: Describes different built-in cluster security support by Stash.